Enjoy Africa in the Land of Big Cats and Wildflowers

15 Nov

The Elephant Valley Lodge is one of the most popular lodges located on the Elephant National Park. You can experience the wonder and charm of Africa while staying in one of the many luxurious lodges situated in the park. The wildlife and birds go freely throughout the grounds between the national parks of the neighboring Chobe Game reserve and the game-filled conservation areas of the neighboring Chyulu Game reserve. Click here to get more details about this lodge.

The lodges are located in close proximity to the various waterholes for the tourists to enjoy the wildlife, birds and mammals of the area. In the summer season, the tourists can enjoy swimming in the lake or in the nearby river and enjoy swimming in the cool water as well. You can also visit the many lakes for some fishing, swimming in the lake or enjoy playing with the wildlife.

In addition to the wildlife, there are also many birds such as the Swainson's Thrush, the Golden-breasted Bunting and many others that you can watch in the surrounding game reserve. In winter time, you can enjoy a stroll in the game reserve to the game sanctuaries and bird watching stations. In the afternoon you can have your breakfast at one of the restaurants in the vicinity and spend some time on the various picnic spots or at the lake where you can enjoy swimming in the chilly water.

The elephants are found here as well as the rhinos and the buffalo. At the elephant valley lodge, you will also get the chance to see the various types of animals in their natural habitat. In addition to the animals, you will also get the opportunity to watch the wildebeest, flamingo, giraffe, water buffaloes and others moving around in their natural surroundings.

Elephants have a complex social structure and they will only allow other bulls to breed with them if they are assured of a good fathering. The young boys will leave home when they are three months old and head out to live with a mahout who has an elephant herd. They have their own families and they take care of them till they mature to adulthood.

The lodges offer a wide range of activities in addition to providing the tourists with the chance to view the animals and wildlife at its best in game reserves. The lodges have large pools and hot tubs for the guests to enjoy. while they can stay inside for the evening and relax in the sunshine. Apart from these, the lodges also offer some of the best golf courses and tennis courts in the area and there are several game reserves that are perfect for the players of different sports. Discover more details about this topic on this page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safari.

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